lines 1: white noise

After years working on it, I finally managed to give shape to a new series of works on the theme “lines”. This first one, a lomokino animation (2’20”), was accomplished between Rome (shooting), Berlin (editing) and Lisbon (writing). Hereunder, a still image and the text. The full animation will not be available online.


WHITE NOISE (lomokino animation, 2’20”, 2014)

‘energy is like a thought. it can change realities.’ inheritance. ‘sometimes we carry stories and feelings that do not belong to us. we go through situations that are not necessary. your body does not finish in your skin. there are different levels… this is the mind… all fine. this is the heart. everything starts here. who is your great grandmother?’ i don’t know. ‘when you were three years old… what happened?’. i started going to school. and everyday, I tried to run back home. to run back home. I asked my mom if she could help me. she said no. i cried. she said yes. she interpreted the character she plays in my story. ‘who is your great grandmother?’ i still don’t know. but it hurts less.

lisbon, july 20, 2014 



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