Cristina Elias

1978, São Paulo, Brasil

Performance Artist/ Director/ Choreographer


Concluded a Masters in Movement Studies at the “Central School of Speech and Drama” (University of London, UK). Her work sets its focus on building “bridges” between different artistic codes, with a strong focus on “translating” text into movement and image.

In 2011, she participated as trainee direction assistant in the production of the opera “Matsukaze”, by “Sasha Walz and Guests” dance Company. In 2010 and 2011, she was assistant of Prof. Helen Hislip at the Movement Department of the Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London, UK). From August 2011, she has been following closely the movement training work of Prof. Martin Gruber, head of the movement department of the HFS Ernst Bush (University of Performative Arts Ernst Bush, Berlin). Since October 2012, she has been collaborating with the Butoh Dancer and director Tetsuro Fukuhara (Tokyo, Japan) in his itinerant performances “Space Dance in the tube”. Along the last 5 years, she has worked in Europe with different physical performers and groups such as Gardi Hutter (Switzerland), Chapitô (Portugal), Pop Corn Cabaret – Chris Lynan, Kate MacKenzie & Co (London, UK).

In 2011, she presented at the Radial System (Berlin) the live installation “Here and There [or Somewhere Inbetween]”. In 2012, she co-directed with the actress Rita Elmôr the play “PAI” (text by Cristina Mutarelli) in Rio de Janeiro and started collaborating as performace artist and movement director with the visual artist César Meneghetti on the audiovisual project “I/O – Io è un Altro”, exhibited at the 55 International Art Biennale in Venice from 30 May to 24 November 2013 (www.ioeunaltro.org). 

In July 2013, she started a new work – “Phonetic Fragments of Oneself” – based on intralingual, interlingual and intersemiotic translations of writings of Clarice Lispector. In October 2013 she was awarded the prize “FUNARTE – Women in Visual Arts” (Brazil) for this performance. “Phonetic Fragments of Oneself” has already been performed in Berlin (Plataforma Festival 2013, Frankfurt Bookfair, Theaterhaus Mitte) and in Sao Paulo (Museum of Image and Sound – MIS, April 2014 and MAM – Museum of Modern Art, April 2014). This is a continuous work, which shall be “reconstructed” in every different country it is performed, according to their own “languages” and codes of communication.


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