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A oficina irá explorar formas de exposição do corpo em espaços que tradicionalmente antagonizam a sua natureza de arquivo vivo, como museus e galerias. Como imobilizar algo que está em constante movimento, ou melhor, como adicionar uma dimensão móvel a objetos em exposição? Como registrar uma performance – que necessariamente é composta por camadas temporais complexas envolvendo passado, presente e futuro – e disponibilizá-la num presente continuado como objeto em exposição? Que materiais e instrumentos (vídeo, fotografia, elementos sinestésicos, interatividade…) podem contribuir para este fim?

Coordenção: Cristina Elias

Onde: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Av. Roque Petroni Jr. 630 – São Paulo, SP – Sala: 186 (Edifício Jardim/ 8°andar)
Horário: 9h00 – 12h00

Vagas: 20

Materiais por aluno:

– Nenhum

Todos os workshops e minicursos serão oferecidos no dia 16/05/2016
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This workshop will exploit the ways to exhibit the body in spaces that traditionally antagonize the nature of the living archive, as museums and galleries. How to immobilize something that is in constant motion, or, how to add a mobile dimension to exposed objects? How to register a performance – necessarily composed by complex temporal layers involving past, present and future – and to dispose it in a continued presence as exhibited object? Which materials and instruments (video, photography, synesthetic elements, interaction…) may contribute to this purpose?

Coordination: Cristina Elias

where? Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Av. Roque Petroni Jr. 630 – São Paulo, SP – Sala: 186 (Edifício Jardim/ 8°andar)
Time: 9h00 – 12h00
Participants: 20
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One Minute Diary #1

‘One Minute Diary’ shall be a lifelong project. In one minute, all my thoughts, feelings, passions… of a certain period of time (might be a week, a month, an year or a minute) concentrated in a short one minute video. #1 deals with the pain of separation, of division, of leaving something known for something new, the (im)possibility of returning, the ephemeral factors in time and space. ‘One Minute Diary # 1’ was originally conceived for the web gallery and can be currently seen on the same link.

A critical text by Antonello Tolve (Italy) can be read on the following link:

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lines 1: white noise

After years working on it, I finally managed to give shape to a new series of works on the theme “lines”. This first one, a lomokino animation (2’20”), was accomplished between Rome (shooting), Berlin (editing) and Lisbon (writing). Hereunder, a still image and the text. The full animation will not be available online.


WHITE NOISE (lomokino animation, 2’20”, 2014)

‘energy is like a thought. it can change realities.’ inheritance. ‘sometimes we carry stories and feelings that do not belong to us. we go through situations that are not necessary. your body does not finish in your skin. there are different levels… this is the mind… all fine. this is the heart. everything starts here. who is your great grandmother?’ i don’t know. ‘when you were three years old… what happened?’. i started going to school. and everyday, I tried to run back home. to run back home. I asked my mom if she could help me. she said no. i cried. she said yes. she interpreted the character she plays in my story. ‘who is your great grandmother?’ i still don’t know. but it hurts less.

lisbon, july 20, 2014